Passenger VAN

JAC Panel Van -Quality Drives Value


JAC multi-van is facing both domestic and international markets and has several models of coaches, ambulance, engineers, commercial vehicles and so on. More practical, comfortable and safer than the traditional van, it is as spacious as the coaches, as comfortable driving as sedans and as high of a loading capacity as vans.



Humanized Configuration

Integrated shift lever and seat system based on the concept of ergonomic, front and rear independent air-conditioning, intelligent navigation and reverse display system, expressing care to the occupants.

Three-Dimensional Safety

Safety designs such as high rigid body, BOSCH 8.0 Version ABS+EBD, X shape pipe braking system, curved face three-dimensional no-blind spot outside rear-view mirror and antidazzle inside rear-view mirror ensure you can drive hassle-free.

Perfect Power

Equipped with mature 4DA1 power, it is reliable and economic. VM engine is an option which offers European advanced power and low emissions. Equipped with Europe IV to Europe VI power system.